Indigenous island Cuisine

WSW – Food

Tropical and earthy staples

Such as juicy fruits, ground provisions, herbs, spices and organic flavours are now used widely around the globe. However, many of us are unaware of their magic, mysticism and the practical consumption of these daily medicines which have the nutritional potential to transform our stamina, digestion, brain clarity, creativity, fertility, hormonal equanimity, immune system function, trigger responses and overall wholistic quality of life. 

To use Ayurvedically inspired schools of thought and intuitive (literal) gut feelings allows us to realise the intricate and unique powers of each food for its vitamin, mineral, nutrient and density compositions in their widely varying proportions, and also allows us to self actualise into eating patterns which are authentically foundated in our body’s natural doshic elemental ratio which has been encoded into us from birth, therefore aiding us in becoming more of who we truly are. Everyone is different and therefore has different desires and needs, and simplicity truly is the key to embodying and rebecoming ourselves!  

Many ancient and new age nutritionists, medicine men and medicine women speak of the deeply nourishing mind, body and soul benefits of eating more tropical food in alignment with places rich in agroforestry and permaculture due to its climates and soils. Barbados is one of these magical indigenously rooted  portals that offers a wealth of macrobiotic fruits and vegetables, and also a rich knowledge of ancient stories from the ancestors and elders passing this prophetic knowledge to their children, whom have learnt the natural way of growing and harvesting our earths beautiful sustenances.

We as a humankind are being asked to return to our sacred biology and the organic rhythms of our physical temple, and the mother island here creates consciousness alluring space for that as there is generally no access to certain foods straight from the lands unless they are in season, therefore showing us that the phases of the earth match the phases of our body when we are facing the earthy miracles of a more natural environment. The Rastafari here often chant a phrase “ital is vital”, and what they mean by this is that eating food from Gaias grounds and trees surrounding us is the true way to live a deeply nourished life where our inner nervous system constellations light up and that light shines through our wholistic wheel of overall health and well-being and into our surroundings. They teach that honouring, loving, receiving of and replenishing back into our mother earths source is the way to ultimate vitality. The earth truly is enough.

Here at the Healing Sanctuary we will help you to translate unhealthy over indulgence into delicious enjoyment of what your body naturally craves more of – pure health and self loving soul cellular to human level functioning and thriving. We will introduce you to some true island delicacies throughout your daily diet here which will metamorphose your perspective on food from a mundane to magical ritual. Expect to feel truly fulfilled not just through your stomach but on a deep cellular and mind level through the freshest of exotic, macrobiotic and locally and lovingly harvested fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, legumes, seafood straight from the pure, azure, warm and delightfully salty Caribbean Sea, and many more farm to table delights. You can truly expect to feel fully nourished in every single way as the divine foods you eat, whether it’s around a compassionate community table or a sacred fire full of roasted sea and earth inspired dishes, will harmonise with the soul nutrients of every medicine practice we will walk through together.

Here we eat to truly live, not live to eat. Aliveness is true divinity. May we show you how food can become a key code into more of your most blissful state.